The Solana Producers List

A list of active and verified wallet addresses that represents people working in the Solana Ecosystem.

Sitesh Kumar Sahoo
6 min readJul 2, 2023

Friendly Disclaimer:

  1. MVP: The Solana Producer List is an MVP, not the final version.
  2. Possible Omissions: Some addresses may have been missed due to our criteria. We appreciate your understanding. We will continue working to make it fully inclusive.
  3. Together, we can transform the Solana Producer List into an inclusive, accurate, and ever-evolving resource that reflects the vibrant Solana community in its entirety.

🤝 If you want to contribute to this list or have any suggestions, feel free to reach out to us @inSitesh or @_0xaryan on Twitter.

With that said, let’s dive into the core stuff!

In the rapidly evolving world of crypto, collaboration, and community-driven initiatives are key to driving innovation and fostering growth. The Solana ecosystem is home to a vibrant community of developers(more than 75), enthusiasts, and contributors. Today, we are eager to unveil the Solana Producer List, with the aim to have a collection of active and verified wallet addresses that represent anyone who is working in the Solana ecosystem.

We want to make it a comprehensive and inclusive resource for Solana users and developers. It will include the addresses of all Solana producers, as well as those who have contributed to the Solana ecosystem in other ways.

In this blog post, we will explore the significance of this list, discuss our methodology for collecting addresses, and invite the community to join us in making it truly comprehensive and inclusive.

This post by @Scriblooooor highlights why a resource like this is needed in the first place pretty well.

In the early days of cryptocurrencies, tokens were seen as a mechanism to align incentives and reward early contributors. The idea was to build shared digital networks where individuals could be compensated for their valuable contributions. However, as the industry expanded, projects encountered challenges in finding the right model for token distribution. Many struggled to strike a balance between rewarding early users and avoiding token dumping. Solana, too, faced issues with low liquidity and insiders using the community for exit strategies.

How this list could be used:

  • Airdrops: The list could be used to distribute airdrops to Solana users and developers. Airdrops are a way to reward early adopters and contributors to a blockchain project. By using the Solana Producers List, projects can ensure that airdrops are distributed to the right people.
  • Voting: The list could also be used for voting purposes. For example, the list could be used to vote on proposals for new features or upgrades to the Solana network. By using the Solana Producers List, projects can ensure that voting is fair and transparent.
  • Community building: The list could also be used to build a community around the Solana ecosystem. By identifying and connecting with Solana producers and contributors, projects can help to build a strong and vibrant community around the Solana network.

We wanted to make this list as accurate and up-to-date as possible. We will be using a variety of methods to collect addresses, including:

  • Manually collecting addresses from Solana producers.
  • Using public data sources to identify Solana contributors.
  • Inviting the community to submit addresses.

Data sourcing criteria

  1. Deanslist Members:
    Deanslist DAO is a service DAO on Solana that provides in-depth user feedback to protocols on Solana so they can improve their product. As it is made up of web3 power users, it makes them fit for including them it this list.

    📥 We got the list of the members who hold $DEAN tokens, their governance token that allows holders to vote on proposals that affect the DAO, using their governance forum on Realms.
  2. Ecosystem Calls Attendees:
    By considering participants of Solana ecosystem calls, we aim to highlight individuals actively engaged in community events and discussions. These participants (devs, designers, marketers, etc.. who are either working or want to work in the ecosystem) contribute their insights and ideas, shaping the ecosystem’s development.

    📥 We got the addresses from the POAPs that were minted (through CandyPay) in the last 5 ecosystem calls (from Feb ’23 till Jun ‘23).
  3. Superteam Members:
    Superteam is an organized community of creatives, developers, and operators who are the most active in the Solana ecosystem and constantly building without worrying about any token speculation. With Superteam chapters expanding across the country, it makes Superteam the best fit for this list as it fosters a good concentration of high-quality talent and culture around the world.

    📥 Wallet addresses holding Superteam Member NFTs (the most recent one and the previous version NFT) are included. But this wasn’t including all of them, so we used the Synap airdrop list to get all the addresses of all the members which they provided while they joined Superteam.
As Vibhu aptly puts about Superteam (link to tweet)

4. Lamport DAO Hackers: The Sandstrom hackathon organized by Lamport DAO provided an opportunity for participants to showcase their innovative projects. These high-quality participants from this hackathon and largely from Lamport DAO contribute to the Solana ecosystem which makes them the perfect fit for the list.

📥 Wallet addresses holding the Sandstrom Hackathon participation NFT are included here.

5. Nas x Solana Development Course Attendees: Individuals who have attended the Nas x Solana development course have actively invested time and effort in learning and growing within the Solana community.

📥 All the participants who have completed the course/sessions and hold the NAS x Solana Developer Course” NFT are included.

6. Saga Genesis Token Holders: The Saga Genesis Token is a device-bound non-transferable NFT that is given to users who purchase the Saga phone. It is a key to unlocking exclusive content and offers on the Solana dApp Store.

📥 This allows us to acknowledge the niche believers of Solana and can spare $1000 from their pocket to buy a new kind of phone that didn’t exist before. These will mostly be crypto early adopters who will be working in the ecosystem.

Process and Tools Used

To begin, we started exploring tools like Dune and Flipsidecrypto, trying to get addresses that have interacted will specific programs, but soon enough we realized these were relatively slow and were leading to timeouts.

This led us to do something custom so we used Helius API and a script to get the data.

Getting the JSON data
  • Once we got the data from the specified data sources above, it was time to clean the data.
  • As we were dealing with closely connected events of the ecosystem there was bound to be duplicates.

For example:
– Many people attend and mint the Ecosystem Call POAP every month.
– There’s also an overlap between Sandstrom Hackathon participants and Superteam members due to the significant number of developers involved.

  • To tackle this, we implemented a process to remove duplicate addresses. We assigned each data source as a property to any given address, enabling us to identify common patterns and avoid repetition.

And that’s how we arrived at our final list. We invite you to explore the Solana Producer List on our public spreadsheet, which will be freely accessible to all. We value your feedback and encourage you to drop suggestions and insights to help us refine and improve this.


👉 Check it out here

Some interesting/fun observations:


  • This might be the right Individual but might not be the right address, as people could use their burner wallets to mint them.
  • No one has burnt the ecosystem call POAPs, Community < 3 Solana.
  • There are a couple of addresses that have minted 1 POAP multiple times, one address has minted the POAP 41 times.

What now?

We don’t stop here. We acknowledge that this is not the most comprehensive list yet and there could be a lot more optimizations like adding roles, pseudonyms, and some primary research, etc needed to make it the go-to The Solana Producer List. But this is just the beginning — a prototype that will evolve and improve over time. We plan to refine and optimize our process, incorporating additional criteria and data points to ensure accuracy and representativeness.

You can reach out to us @inSitesh or @_0xaryan on Twitter.


  • All the data sources have been hyperlinked in the source text itself.



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